• Are you paying a bookkeeper to do your books and an accountant to fix them at the end of the financial year?
  • Are you spending time on your bookkeeping that should be spent with your family?
  • Could you be earning more if you didn’t have to stress over managing the money you’re earning?
  • Is your BAS ruining your weekends?

Wouldn’t it be great if qualified accountants could do your bookkeeping for you, for the same price as a bookkeeper?

At Aussie Assist, we take the stress and hassle out of your bookkeeping and BAS lodgment. We give you the peace of mind that your BAS has been prepared correctly the first time, by a qualified accountant.

We will save you money at the end of the financial year because you will not need to pay an accountant to fix your books before your tax returns are prepared. We also don’t have to chase you for information because we have already prepared the information for your year end financial statements and tax returns. At the press of a button we can transfer your accounts into your tax returns and lodge them electronically, saving you even more time and money.