This Is Amazing Paradigm Shift




POLICE is autonomous and depoliticized – even IG of KPK has said there is no political impedance by the political govt and he has been given a free hand to do his work. Umar Cheema a prestigious straightforwardness investigative columnist imparted his own collaboration to IG KPK Police sharing that there was NO POLITICAL impedance with the KPK Police (Video Interview of IG KPK Nasir Durrani) – In November KPK Police presented a protest enlistment framework Police Access Service by means of a basic SMS 0315-9007777 with affirmations that a reaction will be made inside 24 hours – in the event that somebody need to talk he can approach the PAS on toll free number 0800-00400, fax at 091-9223575 or email at

This is amazing positive change in KPK police which is making people happy.

This is amazing positive change in KPK police which is making people happy.

PATWARI SYSTEMS  is obviously better then before – TV Anchor Fareeha Aziz sent a covert camera to catch anybody taking a fix, even columnists Umar Cheema embraced a similar truth that they the patwaris were not taking fixes because of a paranoid fear of being gotten. IG Nasir Durrani ousted 1 SP and 2 DSP’s on criminal allegations. A Dawn-Herald review directed in 2014, demonstrated that 52% of the general population felt debasement had diminished, 39% said it continued as before while just 8% said it expanded which was a stark distinction from correlation with different territories

Equity  The Peshawar High Court has presented E-Citizens Grievance Redressal System — a remarkable equity framework in Pakistan through which the general population of KPK and tribal ranges, particularly the troubled and poor portion of society, would get equity inside hours. The PHC would now get objections and applications just on a telephone call, SMS or email through the Human Rights Directorate. The defendants would likewise get provides details regarding progress in their cases through telephone, email or SMS. The HRD generally manages the instances of infringement of fundamental human rights.

Wellbeing  The wellbeing framework has enhanced essentially – patients affirm that specialists are available in the healing facilities to take care of their illnesses. KPK gov additionally experienced genuine difficulties with respect to Polio and its resistance, they took care of the issue and propelled a Sehat Ka Insaf program amid which every tyke will likewise get immunization against 9 preventable sicknesses and vitamin A drops and every family will be given a cleanliness unit that incorporates cleanser, toothpaste, toothbrushes, towel, water holder, and so forth. A Dawn-Herald study directed in 2014 demonstrated that Health area had demonstrated an astounding 72% change much more than different territories

Sehat Ka Insaf began on second Feb 2014 which vaccinated 485,000+ children against 9 preventable ailments

On ninth Feb, 63 UC were secured and the volunteers vaccinated 513,000 youngsters

On sixteenth Feb the third crusade focused on 547,300+ youngsters

On 22nd Feb the fourth release of the crusade focused on 77 UC’s crosswise over Peshawar and vaccinated 551,000

On first March the fifth crusade focused on 95 UC’s crosswise over Peshawar and vaccinated 650,450 youngsters

sixth Campaign on ninth March focusing on 97 UC and vaccinated 640,000 youngsters

seventh Campaign on fifteenth March focused on 95 UC and vaccinated 648,000 youngsters

Accomplishment of the Anti-Polio crusade can likewise be measured with the way that sewage water tests gathered on 26th Feb from territories polluted with Polio ended up being negative without precedent for some years

On sixth March the Ministry of Health endorsed the administration structure for Doctors in KPK, a long standing issue which has been at long last cleared up trusting this will make ready to better medicinal services experts in KPK

Financial expert hails that the Sehat Ka Insaf battle was a surprising exertion considering the 8,000 social insurance specialists were under risk and the KPK govt effectively inoculated more than 760,000 youngsters in Peshawar

Tumor patients gets free treatment

Instruction Teachers are appearing in schools – the individuals who don’t are expelled and newcomers are being acquired with a condition that they are not permitted to exchange between areas. Move was making against 605 errant/missing instructors while 62 were terminated. School Data is accessible online for the general population to see. The whole instruction framework is in the process to be bound together to present one educational modules for all schools over the area in English. A Dawn-Herald study led in 2014 demonstrated that Education area had demonstrated a noteworthy 70% change much more than different areas

KPK Govt dispatches Tameer-e-School crusade to reconstruct a large number of decrepit schools the whole way across the area utilizing front line innovation to screen the assets and the sufficient use of the assets

Ladies – A SMS mindfulness crusade was begun declaring free gynecological checkups and supporting solutions to pregnant ladies and a special reward of Rs 2,700 to help maintain their pregnancy

MINORITIES – without precedent for the history the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf government has started a money related help plot for the welfare of dowagers hailing from the minority Hindu people group.

Condition – KPK gov is focused on enhancing the earth, it has propelled an enormous 1 billion tree estate drive over the region and is taking a shot at saving our normal assets

Responsibility/EHTESAB BILL – an exceptionally strong and autonomous Ethesab Bill to catch debasement, this will even holds PTI’s priests under tight restraints as an impediment from doing defilement for the dread of being uncovered by general society/media

Appropriate TO INFORMATION – permits the national to get gov data to keep watch and catch defilement or non execution, gaged to be one of the best RTI charges world over and furthermore positioned to better then Punjab RTI Bill. Writer and PTI-commentator Umar Cheema has even reported indistinguishable RTI asks for sent to KPK and Punjab, showed an earnest reaction by KPK government while the Punjab govt was filled with bureaucratic formality. KPK govt freely shares the rundown of all govt Public Information officers and their contact subtle elements

Right TO SERVICES – permits the native to request fundamental administrations in stipulated number of days (~30 days) or else the organization will be rebuffed – Public Add – In September 2014, a respectable man from Mardan was effectively ready to enroll a FIR, in the wake of having been denied his essential right civility of this office

Nearby GOVT BILL – giving forces the distance down to the town level

Irreconcilable situation BILL-forestalls Gov officers/administration to quietly offer on tenders and receive rewards

Power – KPK Government has a genuine responsibility to illuminate the region power emergency – consequently it has requested that the Federal Govt hand over PESCO (administration and appropriation) to take into account a perpetual arrangement. KPK Govt has started dispatch to 356 Micro-hydel extends all over KPK. While Kalam likewise got 400KW of Hydel power following 6 years without power

Finishing VIP CULTURE – enough of media uncover have been done to shorten the KPK Ministers VIP conventions – even the CM KPK was accounted for utilizing Govt helicopter for his own utilization – and he paid the duty from his own pocket

PTI stays concentrated on acquiring a positive change Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and these advance notes will keep on being refreshed highlighting the endeavors being made all through the territory.

Malignancy HospitalShaukat Khanum is on improvement stage and it will be operational one year from now In sha ALLAH to help individuals of KP and FATA dispose of this illness. They used to go to Lahore already.

This is amazing paradigm shift
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